About Beijing

The energetic capital of China, Beijing, has been progressing each day with its innovation and technology. The ancient history of the city blends with the tall high-rise structures. Places like the Forbidden City holds a special place in the history of China and is visited by a lot of tourists each year. The Tiananmen Square and other places like the National Museum of China which bring out the essence of cultures is a never to miss destination. So do not miss the magnificent destination and book cheap flights to Beijing, China as soon as possible.

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Which Are The Most Popular Tourist Destinations In Beijing?

  • The Great Wall of China
  • If you are in Beijing then without even a second thought you have to visit The Great Wall of China. This marvel is more than thirteen thousand miles long and has been extremely favorable to the tourists. There are multiple gates to access the Wall but the most preferred ones are Badaling, Mutianyu, and Simatai. To understand and enjoy the entirety of the Great Wall would require a half day trip and even more if you want to spend some more time with the different activities happening there. It is advisable to visit during the morning time for best photography lighting.

  • The Tiananmen Square
  • The square is located just behind the Great Wall and that in itself becomes a landmark. Both the places can be covered on the same day trip and you can witness the world’s largest square. The square is in close proximity to other touristic places such as the Great Hall and National Museum.

  • The Forbidden City
  • Just to the North of Tiananmen Square, you can find the Forbidden City which is also known as the Imperial Palace. The places are often perceived as the mysterious capital of the city, located in the heart of the city. The place has been through difficult times and every time a tragedy stuck it was re-built. A marvel in itself the place cannot be missed for sure.

  • Temple of Heaven
  • As heavenly as it may sound the place is filled with enormous joy and serenity with quietness embedded in every space you go. The place is filled with royalty and has a beautiful park along with the temple which attracts visitors from across the globe. You can spend an hour or so to understand the beauty of this architectural marvel.

  • Summer Palace
  • The palace is widely spread within a 290-acre park with a large lake located at the heart of the park. The Kunming Lake and Summer Place is an excellent blend of nature with human interventions. The place is filled with bridges, islands, walkways, and buildings which showcase the diversity and richness of history.

What is the Best Time to Visit Beijing?

The Spring Festival or popularly known as the Chinese New Year is the most happening time to visit the city of Beijing. The holiday season is at its peak and preparation starts a fortnight ahead of the celebration day and continues for a long time. If you want to witness the compassion of people preparing for the epic day then you need to visit a little before. The celebration takes place in January or February according to the lunar calendar.

Know More About Beijing

Airport: Beijing Capital International Airport is located 32 km from Beijing's city centre, in the Chaoyang. The Beijing Airport is well connected to major cities across the world and there are two other domestic airports to ferry passengers from places like Baoshan, Shanghai, and Anshan.

What to do at the airport?

  • You can spend time reading books in one of the many waiting lounges at the airport. There are a few book-buying places which can help you choose the best one for you.
  • Surf the internet using the free Wi-Fi system at the airport which provides you seamless connectivity.
  • If you are too tired and want to relax for a while then you can even walk to the nearest sleeping lounge to help yourself.
  • Go on a shopping spree in the duty-free section where you can buy exciting goods and get explosives offers.

Hotels near Beijing Airport

You can book these exquisite stays

  • Home Inn Beijing Capital Airport
  • Beijing sky house business hotel
  • Capital airport international hotel
  • GreenTree Inn Beijing capital airport second express hotel

Which Airlines fly to Beijing?

There are many international and national flights to Beijing which serves the Beijing International Airport. Some of the carriers are Air Canada, United Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Thai Airways, International Singapore Airlines, FinnAir, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, British Airways to name a few.

Which are The Popular Nearby Cities to Visit from Beijing?

There are a bunch of places where you can enjoy traveling from Beijing. These locations are close and have a very different experience.

  • Tianjin (110km)
  • Zhangjiakou (150km)
  • Shijiazhuang (266km)
  • Ulanqab (301km)
  • Dongying (338km)

Some Facts and Figures about Beijing

  • The average of 2018 for tourism was 141.2 million inbound trips made by tourists.
  • Nearly 3.93 million people visit Beijing annually.
  • It is the second largest city in China with tourists pouring in from worldwide.
  • This is the 16th name of the city and is frequented during summer vacations.

By now you must be really excited to visit Beijing which has so much to offer right from food to culture. The place is filled with extensive diversity and you should not miss that. Book cheap airlines ticket, grab discounted deals from flightspartner.com and head out for the vacation. You can also look for other destinations other than Asia like Europe which has interesting and exciting places. Book your flights to Amsterdam or to Paris and enjoy your vacation with your loved ones.