About Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece. It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. TheAthens is the capital of Greece and known for being one of the world’s oldest cities. The city is house to two of the UNSECO heritage sites the Acropolis of Athens and Daphni Monastery. The city stands as an evidence of the ancient Greek era and depicts every detail beautifully. You can visit this beautiful European capital to experience history, nature and culture.

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Airlines that fly to Athens

There are numerous airlines those fly to this route. A few of them can be listed as Lufthansa, Etihad, British Airways, Canada Airlines, Delta Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Air China, Air Europe, Turkish Airlines, Air France and KLM. There are several direct flights to Canada from Athens.

How to reach Athens via Flights

There are numerous flights to Athens from all around the globe. By getting a ticket from any place in the world, you can easily get to Athens. For more convenience you can get an online ticket at the cheapest airfare and make your trip more economic. It is a 35 kilometres journey from the city centre that can be completed easily by metro trains or cab.

Best time to visit Athens

The best time to visit the Greece city of Athens is Between March and May and from September to October. The spring and fall season offers a pleasant weather along with a pretty sunshine. This duration receives the highest footfall.

Know more about Athens

About Airport

The Athens International Airport is considered to be the gateway airport for the Greece. This airport is boasted with wide range of facilities exclusively both fior leisure as well as business travellers. This airport is also named as Eleftherios Venizelos Airport.

What can you do at Athens airport?

  • When you are having a layover at the Athens International Airport (AIA) you can try out these activities.
  • You can grab a bite at the several restaurants those include European cafes and many sit down cafes. You can have some Greek wine from Kir-Yanni Wine Bar.
  • Go and opt for some duty free shopping options. Some great brands like Michael Kors and Max Mara are also available here.
  • You can also have a visit to nearby vineyards and zoo rather than killing your time at the airport.
  • You may enter a lounge and relax there.
  • Also you can get free Wi-Fi services at this airport.
  • The main terminal has an exit of Acropolis Museum, so you may have a quick glimpse of history here.

Cities and Towns nearby Athens

  • Delphi: The UNESCO listed world heritage site is one of the most important and prestigious religious centre in Greece. The priest gave advice and prophecies here. It is just 180 km away from Athens. You can take a walking tour at this place.
  • Meteora: The breathtakingly spiritual monastery is an astonishing building that withdraws the divinity of the world. Only a small group of monks and nuns live here at this Meteora centre. The best way to go on the tour here is a guided one. It is 350 kilometres journey from Athens via buses, trains or car.
  • Athens Riviera: Just 25 kilometres tour from Athens; this is a beautiful coastline for balmy summer weather. It can be easily reached through public transportation.
  • The Islands of Aegina: It is just a 40 minutes ferry ride from Athens and you get to this island of Temple of Aphaia Athena. One must visit these calm waters of Saronic Gulf.
  • Lake Marathon: The Lake is 38 kilometres away from Athens serves as the main water supply of Athens. This was constructed between 1926 and 1931 to create a reservoir of fresh water.
  • Mystras: Situated in the vicinity of Taygetos Mountain near the early Sparta, this town is well known for Mystras Palace. It is 218 kilometres from the city of Athens. The place is a UNESCO heritage site. You can easily fly to Cana from here, as Athens is just 10 hrs 24 minutes away from Canada. So, why look anywhere else, when you can easily book cheap flights to Canada through flightspartner.com.

Hotels in or near Athens airport

You get a vast choice when it comes to finding a hotel in Athens. You can choose the most suitable one after consideration. These are a few hotels, you can consider:

  • Electra Metropolis
  • Hotel Lozenge
  • B4B ATHENS Signature Hotels
  • 360 Degrees
  • InnAthens
  • Amalia Hotel
  • Grand Hyatt Athens
  • The Stanley

Tourist Attractions in Athens

  • The Acropolis: Reminder of the glory of Ancient civilization of Athens, this is the place served as the centre of the ancient city. The hilltop location gives makes the place safer. The most iconic monument here is the temple of Parthenon. The temple is an awe springing site due to the detailed architecture.
  • Agora: The ruins of ancient marketplace- In the city of ancient Athens, this place served as the central marketplace. As the greek word AGORA stands for gather and orate, the site also used to be a platform of public union and speaking. The place was also a platform of administration in that era.
  • Museum of Cycladic art: The place houses more than 3,000 objects in a newly designed glass building. The artefacts here represent ancient greek art of Cyclades and Cypriot art dating from fourth century BC to sixth century AD.
  • Church of Holy Apostles: The only building that stands tall after demolish of the agora, is the Church of Holy Apostles. The building is a must watch in the ancient agora.
  • Olympieon: The Temple of Olympian Zeus- The largest temple in ancient Greece is dedicated to Zeus. The temple depicts the Zeus as the king of the gods and enshrines a huge structure of Zeus.
  • Panathenaic stadium and Olympian stadium: The massive capacity of 60,000 spectators made this building to be largest one in Greece. Herodes Atticus was updated in 140 AD with marble seating.
  • Byzantine Museum: The amazing museum offers an insight into the Byzantine period of Greek history. It is a treasury that displays a collection of over 25,000 artefacts.